Sunday, July 25, 2010

N+ Don't Do Anything

About a year ago my mother stopped by and I asked her to play a video game level I'd made.  I put the controller in her hands and told her she would survive if she did nothing until I gave her exact instructions.

She was terrified the whole time, waiting for instructions that would never come.  In the end we all cheered and congratulated her for getting all the gold and surviving.  She was relieved and laughing and still nerved out; she had really taken success seriously!

I explained that this level (made for the recent remake of the classic game N+) was called a DDA level.  DDA stands for Don't Do Anything.  In a DDA level you don't move at all and your character flies around doing impressive things, pretty much.  They are sort of like Rube Goldberg set ups.

The level she passed faithfully is the first one in the video here.

As soon as technology permits, I plan to recreate these levels in reality so people can actually fly around on them.  I feel within 20 or 30 years these could be made to carry real people with a 93% to 98% survival rate if rigorously maintained.

In time we may see DDA amusement parks... but then, I guess a roller coaster already is a DDA device for humans.  Wow!  Imagine amusement parks in 100 years!  Maybe they'll be like what we see in this video.

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