Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Second First Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach

On Sept 26th, xFEAR the DEERx released the second First Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach (or as he calls it, The First Legit Rube Goldberg Machine on Reach. 

In many ways, I think his is way better than the one I posted 12 days earlier, and I think it’s worth looking at.
While mine was definitely legit, I understand of course why he wanted to qualify his own.  But to be accurate he should have called it, The First Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach That Used More Than Two Dominos or The First Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach Other Than Ones That Just Barely Qualify As Rube Goldberg Machines or something like that.

Either way, having the Second Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach is a great achievement, and his set up is very elaborate and inventive.  It is pretty long but worth the patience required as it ends with an unexpected message that I really liked.

But all comedic opportunism aside, he did a fantastic job!  Excellent work, xFEAR the DEERx

His film is very cool.  I hope he does more and would be glad to feature them here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bionic Core Kill

This is the first Core Kill I pulled off in Halo: Reach, after getting the fabled “Robotic Arm” upgrade, as well as the black helm visor and other armor upgrades you have to reach Lt. Colonel to get.  The robot arm showed up after getting all the achievements for Halo: Reach, but it may also have been from reaching that rank.  Not sure…

It’s a fun stunt too…  it was a hover land from a jet pack onto a core and then the kill was actually a beat down/melee punch and it was pretty cool and lucky.