Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Rube Goldberg Machine on Halo: Reach

Today the new Halo Game, Halo: Reach released, and my wife and I have been shooting up the co-op campaign.   


Haven’t yet done matchmaking or any stunts but I did decide to see if I could create a fully operational Rube Goldberg Machine on the first day of Reach being out.  

From my file search online, it seems this is the very first Rube Goldberg Machine for Halo: Reach in existence.  I’m confident others will surpass mine in complexity, but I hope it has some artistry some will find enjoyable.  

I feel many will resonate with the message of human kind’s yearning contained in this video.     

Monday, September 13, 2010

BS Angel News and a Look at Her Corpse Alphabet

It's September 13th and there is one thing on every Halo enthusiast's mind:

BS Angel has accepted a position with 343 Industries (including working directly with Halo Waypoint, future Halo releases and Master Chief himself).

Congradulations, Angel!  How amazingly cool!

BS Angel is the creator of a VERY well known and followed, crazy blog about Halo and gaming in general.  She also manages a killer virtual photography website focused on Halo screen shots.  Being a virtual photographer myself, I really love that site as well.


Now I am going to smoothly, subtly segue into the blog post content I had ready to release about Angel, just a day before she announced her position with 343 Industries, and leave it as is, so that people will fully believe this was all one fully informed, current, coherent post featuring her.

* * *    

Back in 2008, BS Angel created the Halo Corpse Alphabet.  Every letter in it is produced by the shape of a player's corpse from Halo 3.

It’s an amazing, morbid concept, and can be found here:  Halo Corpse Alphabet   

It was a seriously fulfilling, wonderful moment when my letter “Y” submission made it into the corpse alphabet.  I spent days talking excitedly about it on the phone to friends and relatives, who were mostly non-gamers but who still politely congratulated me.

It cannot be confirmed whether BS Angel is currently working on an actual, real-life corpse alphabet, but a friend of hers (who insisted on anonymity) said that BS Angel has quite a few mortuary phone numbers on her cell phone address book.  You may want to email her and grant permission for the eventual use of a photograph of your own corpse.  It might be good to include the state you live in, just in case she needs to send the necessary forms.   

I decided to make some virtual greeting cards using her alphabet, including a Mother's Day, Birthday and 2 Baby Announcement cards (special thanks to Dr. Thomas Dendril for providing the ultrasound of a baby --who somehow had an X-Box controller in the womb-- for the Baby Announcement cards).  

Feel free to use these and please let us know about any responses from loved ones you send them to.  The actual font is more readable since it has the letter backgrounds removed, but I love the images so much I thought I'd do the cards this way. 

With Halo: Reach coming out soon, it is hard for me to imagine BS Angel not doing a Halo: Reach Corpse Alphabet.  You know it will be cool. 

BS Angle has huge amount of incredible content on her blog and her other sites, and she recently had an interview on Halo Waypoint on X-Box live.  It's all totally worth checking out if you haven't already seen it. 


Halo Corpse Alphabet

Thanks BS Angel!

(and like, total congratulations!)

P.S. In other news... Halo: Reach comes out at midnight tonight.  There's been almost no coverage of this release, so you may want to let your Halo playing friends know about it.  It looks like a really neat game and I'm way psyched to play it before I sleep next.