Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exploding Elephant Core Kills

Naturally, many of you know this… some smart guy discovered that it makes a cool effect when you pack respawning explosives into an elephant (which is a huge military vehicle, not an actual elephant since that would seem questionable).

The effect is amazing and it has been described as a "Satanic Pinata".  The explosives are programmed to reset within the vehicle (which is indestructible) shortly after they blow up, and so it's an ongoing chain reaction once set off.  It’s not something one would normally expect to see at a military air show, at least not until safety regulations are relaxed a little.

I joined a game once where they battled (humans vs. high-speed zombies) on such a level and I tried to do some core kills.  It was a custom match, so I don’t call these legit stunt kills.  But they didn’t know me or my stunts, and they were definitely trying to kill me…

It was fun to do and watch.  Thanks to my nephew, Tyler, for inviting me to the match.

The real stunt man in the clip is AnGeLiNeItOr: the guy in red who actually rides in the elephant high in the air and whose corpse eventually falls out.   I imagine him to be a maintenance guy at the air show who snuck a ride in the elephant display, or -even better- who fell asleep on the job before the show.

In this post is the video of the Core Kills on an Exploding Elephant level.  I'm also hearing positive things about the negotiations to release disturbing footage recovered from within the elephant.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

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