Monday, June 7, 2010

Unusualer Stunts than Before

I'll usually feature just one or two stunts, but since I'm just now launching this web site,  I thought I'd put up another montage.  The last one dealt with straightforward fusion core kills.  They are cool but comparatively not that difficult.  This collection has some more of the trickier stunts... some of these took countless tries to get.  I'll discuss a few in the video:

Sky Surfing on a Magic Fusion Core...

The Magic Fusion Core I drop onto was an interesting discovery.  During a normal match I was pushing cores down from my small perch so others wouldn't shoot them... common to do.  I then thought, "did I just hear a total lack of explosion?".   So I looked down and saw it had landed without exploding- on the invisible floor used when making sky maps.  I just HAD to do a Core Kill on one like that!

It took forever.  I found about 1 in 20 cores will land unexploded from that height, and it's a difficult jump to land.  Once I did land one right,  I was so nervous I almost couldn't even aim for a kill.  I just focused best I could and waited for the opportunities.

Aircraft Kill on a Core in Water...

Many times I'll set a goal with new, complicating variables, (getting the core over water, over glass or a cliff edge etc...).  In the case of the aircraft shoot down stunt in this video,  it was very difficult to pull off.

The core usually explodes going down the base front so I had to roll it just right.  The flowing water here makes the core very hard to stop.  When the core is finally ready to jump on, it's hard to land it right (when you are carrying that anti aircraft gun, it is so big you can't really see if you are on fusion core... you just hope and find out later in playback).  Then there is all the live fire around you in set up and while you wait for the kill opportunity.

I just love how all the chunks of aircraft land in the water all around me when the Banshee goes down.

Here's the video of these and other higher difficulty stunts...

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  1. Mr. Groove Hunter,

    The final stunt in this video post just happens to photograph the death of a well loved and revered pilot, fatc0bra. He was shot down by the enemy pilot, Betty Skeddi. Many are glad you shot down this very feared enemy, but you could have killed her much sooner, rather than setting up your stupid stunt.

    You could have saved fatc0bra and his blood is on your hands.

    You had the anti-aircraft missile pod the whole time and Betty Skeddi was in range many times. You are as bad people who kill innocent animals and innocent plant life just to consume their flesh, when there are ALWAYS moral options available for sustenance.

    Out of respect for the family of fatc0bra, I demand you take down the video in this post.